Single You Out: Rahim Samad – Certified

Rahim Samad is not done making that dope music even after just releasing an album, Travel Properly: Motion Picture Soundtrack.  This instrumental really compliments Samad’s flow considerably.   It’s laid back and his voice just rises to the top, commanding attention. Samad is mad underrated in my mind but I can easily see him generating the buzz to push him to the next level.

Rahim Samad – Alkahest (Video)

Rahim Samad is one of my favorite new names for 2013.   I just got put onto him a couple of months ago and he hasn’t disappointed since.  This video, and more so the song, are just a reflection of the overall talent that I hope to hear with the coming of his new album,  Travel Properly: Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Be sure to check out the other two tracks I featured HERE.