2-Man Cypher – Queen City Bastards (2014)


Artist: 2-Man Cypher (Sleep x Cocaine Chris)

Album: Queen City Bastards


1. A Message From The Fans – Buzzin’ (Intro)
2. Locklandville
3. The Hunted
4. Project 48
5. Ain’t Playing With You
6. Broken ft. Koren Jackson
7. Lady In Black
8. Queen City Bullies (ft. Mike Tombs)
9. Heartless (ft. Koren Jackson)
10.First Born
11.Sad World (ft. Trademark Aaron & Nick Pedigo)
12.Top 5 (Cuts by DJ Madhandz)


The first few weeks of 2014 have been extremely slow for music, especially GOOD music.  But when I heard Queen City Bastards, I got excited.   And it takes a lot for a blogger to get excited about music because we go through so much of it on a daily basis.

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Trademark Aaron – I Know (Video)

Well, at first I was indifferent to this video and the music.  Then I thought I would go back and listen to it again.  And while it was not love at first listen, there is something about Trademark Aaron that I like.  It could be his sense of humor.  It could be his flow.  I am not sure I can actually pin point it.   But I went and looked back at another video that he put out last year and was impressed enough to want to hear more and pass this on to you all.