Token – New Problems (Video)

Token drops some of the most intense and relevant music in the game. I mean he makes you feel EVERY BAR OF EVERY VERSE in this new joint, New Problems. The first verse tells the story of a girl he met in Idaho. The second about an industry connect that’s gone sour. And his last verse pertains to the strains on the relationships his career is putting on him.

Just really dope material over a production from Jon Glass and J57. One of the best cuts thus far in 2017.

Token – Doozy (Video)

Token is back with another single showcasing that same creativity and skill that made him an instant favorite here. There are so few artists capable of this level of song, that I can speak enough to the talent. And that creativity isn’t just shown in the song, but the video has got A LOT going on with it as well. Very entertaining.

Token – Exception (Video)

Man, Token, DOES IT AGAIN, with his latest cut, Exception. He displays a deftness at storytelling and conveying a powerful message. A gift that is rarely demonstrated among his peers. The message here: indifference is rewarded as cowardice. If you see a wrong, then right it.

If you don’t have his new project, Eraser Shavings, make sure you cop that. It is among the best this year.

Token – Happiness (Video)

Quite honestly this is one of the deepest songs I have come across in a very long time and it is executed to absolute perfection.  There is an incredible amount of depth in Token’s story telling and lyricism.  It’s one of the few times that I have had to take a deep breath after listening to a song or watching a video.  Token narrates three stories, two of which are classmates, and one is his own.

Apparently he has a project called Eraser Shavings just around the corner.