Grynch – Timeless EP (2011)

Artist: Grynch

Album: Timeless EP

Source: DJ Booth


  1. So Long
  2. Timeless (ft. Jon Hope x La)
  3. All I Wanna Do (ft. Sol)
  4. Out Of Sight, On My Mind
  5. Randy The Ram
  6. Got Ya Numb (D-Sane Remix) (ft.  Wizdom)
  7. My Volvo (Sabzi Remix)


I check for Grynch ever since I heard his first EP, Chemistry.  He’s got an above par flow and seems to work with dope producers.   The Timeless EP is probably his best effort to date and thus it was worth mentioning here.   I like the ‘chemistry’ (no  pun intended) with producer Jester.  Often times when an emcee works with just one producer on a project I find that the beats get stale.  That is not the case with Timeless.  There’s enough variation to make the whole EP very listenable.

If I have to pick standout tracks (which you know I will) I am going to go with  Timeless, Out Of Sight, On My Mind, Randy The Ram.  The vibe on all of these tracks is pretty mellow, but Jester uses different instrumentation to give each song a different vibe.

Timeless features the venerable Jon Hope who is really up there on my list of emcees to blow.   This guy hasn’t even come close to peaking so please watch out! Back on topic, Jester finds a very sonic back drop and then just enhances it with some piano and what sounds like guitar in some places.  I really feel the musical effort on this particular track.  Obviously, the emcees are putting something together that will stand the test of time and they use their verses to discern between the flash-in-the-pan emcees and themselves. Grynch says it s best:

…Look in the mirror, yeah you the flavor of the month / Years from now I’m trying to be a cat they saying they still bump….

Out Of Sight, On My Mind is an ode to the lady in your life that’s not where she should be: In your life.   Jester puts together a very engaging production that is layered in different sound.  He’s got some banging piano chords that drive the track.   Grynch details his feelings for a woman that is not around but he still feels that attachment.  Think of it as a love lost song without the sappiness.  I think most of us can appreciate a track about the one who got away, or went missing as the case may be.

Randy Ram is the joint for those of us who have ever considered  giving up on our dreams.  This is Grynch’s ode to making things happen and pursuing that elusive dream.  The title’s namesake is for Mikey Rourke’s  character in the award winning movie, The Wrestler.  A figure who only knew how to do one thing, and that was to entertain through wrestling.   Grynch isn’t trying to wind up disgraced like Randy The Ram.  He is trying to make moves and plans for his future doing what he loves.

It is a forgone conclusion.  Go download this EP and get acquainted with what Grynch is doing musically.  (Check out any of the links above to DL)  You can also check out his website to see videos and listen to previous releases.