Rawmatik – Just Before The Madness (ft. Dirt Platoon x DJ Danetic) (Video)

There are very few artists who drop harder hip hop than does the Dirt Platoon.   And you place the duo on this guitar/drum driven track from Rawmatik, it’s an almost certain game over.   Music like this gets the adrenaline pumping and you can find plenty of these type of joints on Rawmatik’s latest project,  The States Vs. Rawmatik.   You absolutely need to have that album.  HHD certified!

Rawmatik – Raw Deal (ft. Merkules, Madchild, U.G. & Dj Danetic) (Video)

Another video single from producer Rawmatik’s album, The States vs. Rawmatik.  You’ve got a couple of dope emcees in Merkules and U.G., riding a beat where Rawmatik sounds like he is rocking some Phantom Of The Opera type shit, and I am definitely good with that.  Madchild takes care of the chorus.

Be sure to check out the album!