Rawmatik – Raw Deal (ft. Merkules, Madchild, U.G. & Dj Danetic) (Video)

Another video single from producer Rawmatik’s album, The States vs. Rawmatik.  You’ve got a couple of dope emcees in Merkules and U.G., riding a beat where Rawmatik sounds like he is rocking some Phantom Of The Opera type shit, and I am definitely good with that.  Madchild takes care of the chorus.

Be sure to check out the album!


Rawmatik – Wait (ft. Rasco and Skanks) (Video)

Here’s a video single from Rawmatik’s brand new album, The States vs. Rawmatik, which just dropped today and features an assortment of dope artists. This particular single features lyricism from Cali Agents’ Rasco and Bankai Fam’s front man, Skanks.  The track is a high energy joint that is bound to fire you up.

Make sure you check the album.