The Other Guys: 15 Cents (Video)

Damn this song is addictive.  Once it starts playing, I just can’t get it out of my head.  It’s the hypnotic type of hip hop.   The Other Guys go in on discussing money matters with their latest video, 15 Cents.  So if you can whistle, you might find yourself along for the ride more often than not once you listen to this song.

The track is from their most recent album, Seeds Of Ambition.

Top 50 Songs (2013)

Disclaimer:  It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year.  It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012.  Click the links to listen to the song!  I think it’s a great list.  There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones.  I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Said BeforeGoldini Bagwell

2. Rhyme Of The YearNino Bless

3. BelieversMayday

4. Outlive, Outshine Theo3

5.  WarStryfe and Marc Byrd

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The Other Guys – When The Music Stops (feat. Substantial) (Video)

Hip Hop done the right way!  That’s what I have to say about this.  The Other Guys link up with Substantial for a verse to create this smooth and melodious cut.  The production is easy going and smooth and the emcees relate to a time when the industry required it’s talent to…well, have actual talent.  Lets face it, it’s not longer the skills that pay the bills, it’s the image.  But these guys are having none of that.

You can find this cut on The Other Guys’ album, The Other Album.

Single You Out: P.SO – So Enormous


You know when people (meaning bloggers) say “It’s been forever since I’ve heard from…” and it really was just three months ago since they posted some of their material?  Well, the overused phraseology fits here.  P.SO hasn’t dropped some NEW material in a while and this sound is encouraging.  The production from The Other Guys is stellar as is the chopping from DJ GETLIVE!.  P.SO has an album in the works entitled, The Gateway to Greatness.  Check for that!