Check The Discography: Chaundon

For this rendition of ‘Check The Discography’ I wanted to highlight the releases of one, Chaundon.  Chaundon has been hard at work on his craft for quite some time and I don’t think that effort gets the recognition it deserves.  Chaundon cut his teeth in this hip hop game much the same way Skyzoo and Torae have, as they are his contemporaries.  He has been incredibly resilient in a very hostile industry and continues to craft ‘his’ music the way ‘he’ wants.   His albums and mixtapes are sure to appease even though most fickle of hip hop heads.

My personal favorite album is, No Excuses.   That album is chocked full of big beats and personality.  In terms of my favorite track…I am going to go with 7even off of Black Dynamite.   That is such a creative track in which he lays out the Seven Deadly Sins as his children.  Really dope!  So check his discography, give it a listen, cop the albums you want, and raise your glass to the man, Chaundon.

Chaundon-ATG-By-the-WayThe JammingtonNo ExcusesBlack Dynamite's RevengeBaby Making MusicBlack DynamiteAmbitions Of A WriterThe PrefixCarnageVenomLive From The 718


Chaundon – #GoldenEraMonday EP

Chaundon is on the second week of his #GoldenEraMonday series.  I have decided that in support of Chaundon I am going to update this post continuously so heads can check all the tracks together in case they missed a week or two.   On March 6th, Chaundon will be releasing his latest album,  The Jammington.  Anyone familiar with Chaundon’s body of work knows that he gives the fans nothing but the best and is very generous with his time and music.  Be sure to support Chaundon and remember to check back here every Monday for the next track.

Week 1  – @Ohdimelenzy

Week 2 – Conviction

Week 3 – The Situation 

Week 4 – Conquest

Week 5 – Can’t Pretend

Week 6 – I Live It