Whatson – The Cycle (ft. Nutso x Robb P x M-Dot) (Video)

Oh man a couple of my favorite emcees, Nutso and M-Dot link up over this KNOCKIN’ beat from Whatson. This production is off the Richter Scale. The drums hit with intensity and the samples are so on point they could draw blood. All of the emcees drop some true verbal insanity. The one emcee I was not super familiar with, Robb P, really impresses when rocking alongside accomplished emcees. There are lots of quotables to be had in under three minutes!

The Cycle is a single off of Whatson’s, album which has yet to receive a title but is guaranteed to smack.

Single You Out: Crisis – The Cycle (ft. Rec Raw & Sahm) (prod. by 4th Assassin)



The track’s producer 4th Assassin knows I am fond of his work so he shot me this track featuring a crew that’s new to me, Good Money.   And by the name (I am not fond of the word Money making it into people’s names) I thought it would at best be so-so, but  the crew show and proves with some introspective material that also makes the neck snap.   So we can’t argue with that.   This was a pleasant surprise for me.  I hope to learn more about the team in the future.