UllNevaNo – The Color Brown Part II (2012)

Artist: UllNevaNo

Album: The Color Brown Part II

Source:  Artist


1.Part 2
2.Comes Natural
4.Hand Movements
5.Who You Know
6.Writers Workshop
7.Outer Regions feat. Ahhzel(Late Bloomers)
9.Substance feat.Tay Black, Logic Marselis and Stephen Hicks
10.Horror Flick
11.I Cant Take It
12.Quick Strike feat. Matth Damon
13.Importance feat. Rome Cee
14.Yesterday feat. E-Major
15.Just Listen


The first notable release of 2012 belongs to Baltimore’s own, UllNevaNo.  He releases The Color Brown Part II mixtape where he flows over Apollo Brown instrumentals.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t mention a project where it’s an emcee flowing over another artist’s instrumentals but the quality of the project is incredible.  Also, Apollo Brown hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves as a dope producer and these beats really continue to showcase his talents, as UllNevaNo puts his own lyrical twist to them.

UllNevaNo sounds so comfortable and dope  over this collection of beats.  It’s hard to pick favorites but I really like Who You Know, Importance, and Just Listen.  Just Listen features one of my favorite Apollo Brown beats.  It’s just so beautiful, soulful, and boom bap all at the same time.

There are two things that I hope happen with this project.  1) I hope you download this project immediately, and get familiar with both Apollo Brown and UllNevaNo.  2)  I hope Apollo Brown hears this and he decides they need to do an original project together.   It just sounds like it needs to be done.

Single You Out: UllNevaNo – Quick Strike (ft. Matth Damon)

I am really trying hard to get this end of the year material in order and hence I am not posting a whole lot.  However,  this is a dope song by a featured artist on HHD, UllNevaNo.  This is from a project where he is rhyming all over Apollo Brown beats entitled, The Color Brown Pt. 2.  As you can see from the artwork, it is dropping at the first of the year.  I think you will like what you hear from this track.