Reckonize Real – The Business (ft. Torae, M-Dot & Tribeca) (Music Video)

This video for The Business, is mad creative in addition to being a dope song.   I mean, you can’t lose when you have Torae, M-Dot, and Tribeca represent but the quality of this video takes it next level.   The cut itself is off of Reckonize Real’s new album, Dopamine,  That album has a slew of bangers on it so I would not hesitate to pick that up.

Singe You Out: Reckonize Real – The Business (ft. Torae, M-Dot & Tribeca)


Let start off by saying I love this beat. It’s unique and offers a different sound than I am used to hearing. Add to the fact, that producer Reckonize Real accesses the services of Torae, M-Dot, and Tribeca, you have nothing short of a winner. This is a true gem to those of us who like our hip hop raw and uncut with a touch of flair. I can’t wait to hear more. The producer’s album, Dopamine, should be dropping in June.