Lyriciss – Maryland (ft. Pro’verb)

Oh fuck.  This is why I love hip hop.  It’s cuts like these right here that makes heads nod and days brighter.  When it comes to going for delf , Lyriciss and Pro’verb take it there.  Simply one of the best cuts when it comes to emcees repping their spot.  Coming out of PG county with that quotable wordplay.  I especially feel the sports references that Pro’verb is laying down…from Len Bias to the ‘Skins there were no breaks in those 16 bars.  Salute!  This cut is coming off of Lyriciss’ upcoming album, The Balance.  That album will be hitting you on October 29th so do yourself a service and check it.

Single You Out: Lyriciss – The Balance

This song from Lyriciss is now being featured on DJ Booth and is one of the best cuts that have dropped in September.   This is one of those heart felt, introspective joints that simply just make listeners connect with the artist.  The track is produced by Grussle. I encourage you to check out this joint on rate it on the Booth.  Give this man and music the shine they deserve!