Casual & DEAD PERRY – Run For Cover (ft. Daniel Son, Celph Titled & J-Spliff) (Video)

Casual and Dead Perry released their album, The Art Of Reanimation, yesterday. And including this track, Run For Cover, every song has been flames. Like the other songs, I have heard and we have showcased, there is a certain darkness that comes along with listening to this album. There is also very much a horror core vibe with the visual. The track features, Celph Titled, J-Spliff, and Daniel Son on the chorus. All in all, it’s a little demented and a lot dope.

Single You Out: Casual x Dead Perry – Never Say It To Us REMIX ​(​DPV) (ft. Izrell)

Second track I have heard from Casual and Dead Perry’s forthcoming album, The Art Of Reanimation, and these guys are two for two with making a slapper. Never Say It To Us, is actually a Dead Perry rendering of a track from Casual’s last album, Big Head Science (which is really good and I listen to a lot). I am fond of Perry’s dark touch on the production, and Casual just keeps getting better year after year.

Single You Out: Casual x Dead Perry – Raw (P-Dirt, Rockness Monsta, DJ Jason D)

Casual continues to show talent and longevity as he releases yet another dose of dope hip hop music. I am really feeling this production from Dead Perry here as well. It has this dark and hypnotic vibe and those guitar licks give it a tinge of a rock element. At the very end of the track, DJ Jason D delivers a quick onslaught of scratching in some dope samples, reminding us not so subtlely that this is at it’s heart a dope hip hop song. Rockness Monsta and Casual split up the mic duties and continue to spit the stuff of legends.

Great material that leaves us waiting for the album, The Art Of Reanimation, to drop on January 28th.