Single You Out: The AbSoulJah – Normally

If you follow the site, then you know we rep a few artists pretty hard due to their consistency in dropping gems. The AbSoulJah is one such artist. If there was one artist that I thought typified that NYC Golden Era sound, it would be Ab. The way he spits. The production he uses. They both smack of that vintage boom-bap.

With that being said, Ab and producer Alf (yeah I’m not sure about the name), dropped a new project around Thanksgiving entitled, RealCore. You should hear what I am hearing if you give the album a spin.

Here’s some flavor from the album, Normally.

The AbSoulJah & Ugly Tony – Sketched In Outlines (2015)

Ugly Tony

Artist: The AbSoulJah x Ugly Tony

Album:  Sketched In Outlines


1. Thoro Freestyle
2. Get Well Soon
3. Come On
4. Wonder Why
5. War Of The Mind
6. In Between The Lines
7. The Mood
8. Tomorrow
9. Father N Sun


This was a little bit of a surprise to see this project released.   But I am always game to hear some new AbSoulJah and with Ugly Tony on the boards I knew it was going to be better than just a solid project and it is.

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Single You Out: AbSoulJah – At Your Service


Ok.  So this isn’t really a single that is released explicitly by The AbSoulJah (although it was a video dropped a months or so ago) but I am using it again to bring this dope bonus project he just released to light.  When the Moon Shines… is a complimentary project to his latest album, Dim The Light.  You can purchase both CDs on this bandcamp page for $15.  Great deal for some great music.

This cut off the project is the show stopper. I.N.C.H. on the boards and Big Ab brings his trademark stylings to light.  It’s all about tough wordplay and big beats!

The AbSoulJah – At Your Service (prod. I.N.C.H Beats)

This new cut from The AbSoulJah kind of left fielded me as I had no idea this was coming.   I have always been down to support this man and his art.  He always keeps it live with that boom bap hip hop but this song takes it up a few notches as the production from I.N.C.H. Beats is on some epic shit.  That’s the perfect landscape for Ab to narrate his tale of revenge.  I am not sure if this is part of a bigger project, but even as a standalone track, this is a must listen.

The AbSoulJah – Dim The Light (2014)


Artist: The AbSoulJah

Album: Dim The Light


1. Fork in the Road (Beat by JFX Productions)
2. World Don’t Love ft. Streets Goon & HalfaBrick (Beat by Shaolin Beatmaker)
3. In Motion (Beat by DJ Simsima)
4. Lost in a Moment (Prod. by I.N.C.H)
5. Nighttime Dwelling ft. Spicco (Prod. by DJ Low Cut)
6. The Real Type (Prod. by Soulslicers)
7. No Plans (Beat by NoyZ)
8. Stand Strong (Prod. by Machine Gun Funk)
9. Grand Goon (Beat by H.Lava)
10. The Marriage (Beat by Keko Beats)
11. In My Element
12. Next Life
13. No Serenity (Beat by Keko Beats)
14. How It Is ft. Angry Man (Beat by Manu Beats)
15. Get Well Soon (Beat by Ugly Tony)


I have been waiting and waiting for Ab to drop this album (and I took forever to do the review so I can’t talk much).  I will say I have been checking for this release for about two years.  I got an unofficial listen last year sometime, and after a lot of prodding I thought the project was just going to be shelved.  Needless to say, I am glad that it saw the light of day.  In discussing the album with some heads a couple of weeks ago, someone made the comment that they wished this was the type of music that Mobb Deep still made.   I concur.   The AbSoulJah has made a career of dropping that street realism with wordplay that keeps things continuously interesting.   He never gets monotonous and keeps the listener engaged constantly.

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The AbSoulJah – Ninety Something (ft. DJ Safe) (Produced by Gabz of Le Gouffre) (Video)

This is some newness given the video treatment from The AbSoulJah’s latest album, Dim The Light.   The track is smooth with some expert chopping by DJ Safe.  The AbSoulJah continues to maintain a high level of musical excellence not only with this song, but also the entire album.  I hope to have a review done sooner rather than later.  If you like that NY/Boom Bap flavor, I would cop this.

The Absouljah – Nighttime Dwelling (ft. Spicco) (prod. by DJ Low Cut)



The Absouljah’s new album, Dim The Light, is out now.   I have been on the man to release this project for probably about a year now and it finally arrived January 8th.  I will  have  a full review of the project coming soon but meanwhile I wanted to break you off with a single that DJ Low Cut sent me and produced so you can get a feel for the album.  If you are feeling this, make sure you cop the project.  I feel that The Absouljah has that unique blend of streets tailored in intellect so def worth the price.

The AbSoulJah – The Real Type (Video)

The ill combination of The AbSoulJah and Soulslicers are responsible for this track and video right here.  These two also happen to be two of the most underrated artists in the game.  I have long been a fan of The AbSoulJah’s flow and street-centered lyricism and the Soulslicers had me hooked on their album, Boost Da Soul.

This track will be featured on two projects, The AbSouljah’s new album, Dim The Light and Soulslicers’ Slice Of Life mixtape.   The AbSoulJah also put me on ot th efact that he has a Free EP dropping at the end of the year.  You are going to want to stay tuned for that.