CF (Constant Flow) – Dog Tags (ft. Swave Sevah and Akir) (Video)

CF is artist whose intensity is hard to duplicate on the mic.  The man spits with such fervor that as a listener you can feel the emotion that he puts into his craft.  The man is an ill emcee but also incredibly articulate and educated which makes him dangerous and elite emcee.   To add a little propane to those flames, you also have Swave Sevah and Akir dropping some verses.

You can find more dope material from CF if you cop his most recent release, Ascension.

CF – Dog Tags (ft. Swave Sevah and Akir) b/w Anatomy Of A Revolutionary


CF is one of best lyricists in the game currently.  His prose is on par with anyone else doing it. On Dog Tags, he releases the hounds by collaborating with the likes of Swave Sevah and Akir.  This joint gets straight militant with a quickness. The beat and bars work cohesively to deliver potency in music.

On Anatomy Of A Revolutionary we have more of that illness that CF has demonstrated throughout his career. He has never shied away for letting his views be known and is primed to let you know his dissenting opinions.  He may not be popular with politicians but CF is definitely a fan favorite of hip hop heads.

Ascension is due out on September 2nd so save the date people!

DJ Connect Presents “Creative Juices Mixtape”


01. Dj Connect – Intro
02. IDE & Alucard ft. Killah Priest – Deadly Fang (Remix)
03. IDE & Alucard ft. Respect Tha God – Porcelain Gods
04. Nems, I Am Many, CF, Swave Sevah, Destruments -Free Form
05. IDE & Dj Connect – 1043
06. Jise – Never Afraid
07. IDE & Alucard ft. Critical, UG – For Fuck Sake
08. IDE – Reconstruct Your Design
09. IDE & Dj Connect ft. Creative Juices – Nation Of Goons (Remix)
10. UG – Portals
11. Nems – I Get Down
12. Critical & Dj Connect ft. Little Vic, Roc Marciano – I Want It (Remix) / (Original Version)
13. Nems – Keep Bangin
14. Alucard – Loose Screw
15. Critical ft. IDE, Jise, Alucard – Surgeon Generalz
16. Steele, UG, IDE, Alucard – Grimey (Remix)

This is a yearly musical synopsis from the fam over at Creative Juices. The crew over their has been one of my favorites for three of four years now. They are always cranking out dope jams, and this mixtape gives you a taste of more than just a few of them. Again, this is a great way to get you caught up with the crew or get put on as a fan. Obviously this is mixed by the skilled talent that is DJ Connect. They have loads of great music in store for 2013 as well. Enjoy!

Swave Sevah – Wordz 2 Live By (2012)

Artist: Swave Sevah

Album: Wordz 2 Live By

Source:  Team Homi


1. Words 2 Live By Intro
2. Such A Feelin’
3. I Ain’t The One
4. Stab Wounds
5. Comparing Bars Skit
6. Raise Da Bar
7. On Ya Own Two
8. Down (ft. Probe Rok)
9. Step Aside (ft. Killer Mike)
10. Self Defense
11. Cross Hairs (ft. Team Homi)


Brutal.  That is how I would describe Swave Sevah’s style.  It’s hard to gauge whether Sevah brings his warrior’s mentality from battling to his music or vice versa. But no one can argue with how dope the end result is.  He obliterates bars for his musical efforts and his opponents.

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Creative Juices – Sampler #2

Just trying to quickly put you onto some new music from the Creative Juices Music family.  There are soooo many good joints off of this sampler.  I have already heard most of them from the projects they already dropped on and they are all very dope.  Just check the credits and I think you will find it a necessity to check this out.

If you are not familiar with the Creative Juices’ body of work, this is a great release to start with.  You can check it out for free by hitting the download button below.


Single You Out: Destruments – Free Form ft. Nems, I Am Many, CF, Swave Sevah

This song came over my Twitter line yesterday and even though their flash music player won’t embed properly, I wanted to share with you the link.   Free Form is a really dope track featuring bars from a very diverse line up with some really hot production.  If you wanted a sampling of that Creative Juices line up, look no further than this song.  The album, Surpassing All Others, drops on October 25th,

Check It! 

Single You Out: Swave Sevah – Self Defense / Stab Wounds / This Nigga Here

I hope this not your first time checking for Swave Sevah.    The artist dropped these cuts over twitter yesterday and I thought I would share it with the world.  All three tracks are from his forthcoming release, Son Of A One Arm Man, releasing on Creative Juices Music.  The choice track is , This Nigga Here.  Swave bodies this beat.  What a dope beat.  Download each of the tracks separately below.

Self Defense

Stab Wounds

This Nigga Here

Single You Out: Creative Juices Music – Stone Cutters b/w CrossHairs

Creative Juices is one of the most respected names in independent hip hop yet blogs continually ignore their presence for the large part. Pathetic.  These guys always put out quality music and this time is no exception.  IDE and Alucard represent CJM, alongside Lord Lhus on the joint Stone Cutters.  The chemistry on the mic is evident.  The emcees drop sixteens on questioning creation and existence, enabling me to say they are truly “dropping science”.  The production is that atypical grimey sort that IDE has been known for.  For those unfamiliar with Creative Juices Music you need to hop on over to their website and see what they have been up to and where they are going.  There are big things going on over there.

The second single featured over at their Bandcamp site is, Cross Hairs, which features Team Homi.   And while some of the names may not be household yet by any means, you should know who Swave Sevah is.   Swave Sevah battle tested and “hip-hop head” approved.    Swave has one of the most distinct voices in the game and has paid many dues.  His appearance alone was a co-sign that this joint would knock, as he states “my name ain’t involved unless it’s worth it“.  This track is worth it indeed. Every emcee on this track brings some fire letting the masses know that Team Homi is not to be lightly regarded.

Also, if you have not done so already,  make you cop Swave Sevah’s mixtape, Ong Bak.

Meanwhile , enjoy the tracks below, and download them at your leisure.