Single You Out: Blacastan x Stu Bangas – Lucifer’s Sickle

Blacastan and Stu Bangas are all but set to release their new album next week, The Uncanny Adventures Of Watson And Holmes.  And this song definitely sets the tone for the release. Stu Bangas really has developed some sickness from behind the boards on this one.  The bass line…guitar licks…with the drums is premier stuff.  Blacastan delivers his bars like a hell hound.  He’s got firey bars and owns this rhythm.

Can’t wait to see what’s on tap with this album.

Single You Out: Blacastan and Stu Bangas – Nubian Metal (ft. Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled)

I didn’t realize that Blacastan and Stu Bangas had an album in the works (Watson and Holmes).  For their first offering, Nubian Metal, it’s an AOTP reunion of sorts with Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled jumping on the track.   It’s more of what you have come to expect from the team: that hard-body hip hop.   It’s not my favorite track out at the moment, but it still knocks with the best of them.

The album drops July 29th.

Esoteric & Stu Bangas – Steel Chairs (Video)

I am typically not a fan of montage/mashup videos but this one for Steel Chairs had me feeling a bit nostalgic.  I grew up watching the likes of Arn and Oli Anderson and the Four Horsemen so this video took me back.  I hadn’t thought about any of those names in a long while.  And lets not forget to mention that the music from Esoteric and Stu Bangas is prime choice.  Make sure you peep their new album, Machete Mode.