Single You Out: DJ Skizz – Superfly (ft. YL and Starker)


DJ Skizz has dropped a project today called, High Powered.  And this track Superfly, featuring YL and Starker is the first single.  Skizz plays the pied piper with the wind instrument as it wraps its way around your head.   It’s super smooth,  and the emcees definitely execute the vision here.

I can’t wait to check the whole project.  I will be copping in a moment.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo – RL Hunting Club (ft. Shaz Illyork and Starker)


The Legend Of The Gnome Sword needs to drop already!  This is the third single we have featured and it too is very dope.  It features one of the dopest artists out right now, Shaz Illyork.  The production is low key  but demonstrative enough so that the emcees all spit some heavy bars.

This is just the New York gritty we all need…