Junior Makhno – Clandestinity (2016)


In my mind, Junior Makhno, is a top flight producer but sometimes his work might go unnoticed, but here’s an opportunity for you to catch up for the price of FREE.  Clandestinity is a compilation of tracks that Makhno has produced over the course of the last few years with well-known, and some lesser-known artists.    It’s entirely dope.   Listen here if you like!


Single You Out: Saran Rap – Ferocious (ft. Agallah x Smoovth x Spit Gemz)

Here is a track, Ferocious, from Saran Rap’s recent EP, Heavy Crates. I am putting this out there because I think some heads are missing out on this project. It’s got a few heavy hitters in terms of emcees, and definitely has that boom bap appeal. I certainly think it fits the mold of what we are trying to do here at HipHopDependency.

Of course on this track you’ve got Agallah, Smoovth, and Spit Gemz slaying mics, and who doesn’t like that line up. Enjoy!

DJ Ready Cee – News At 11 (ft. Spit Gemz & Shabaam Sahdeeq) (Video)

News At 11 is a track off of DJ Ready Cee’salbum, Order 66. This track is all sorts of dope. Spit Gemz and Shabaam Sahdeeq drop all sorts of knowledge with regards to the food that we eat, socio-economics, and politics. There’s a lot of material being dropped in two sixteens over a villainous beat from Ready Cee.

Check the album!

Single You Out: Aye Wun – Just 2 Get 2 Heaven (ft. Spit Gemz)


I just wanted to shed some light on this new project from Aye Wun and producer Incredible Cutts.  Groceries is a project that dropped a week or so ago and hasn’t garnered the attention it deserves.  There are some dope beats mingling with gritty lyricism on this EP and I don’t want you to miss it.

Just 2 Get 2 Heaven has Incredible Cutts crafting a beat that creeps like a horror movie just before the climatic scene while Aye Wun and Spit Gemz discuss the evil that men might do if it was a requirement to get to heaven.  Certain dope!

Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Lust In Eden (ft. Spit Gemz and Carmen Indhira)

This is my favorite cut off of Eff Yoo’s Papa Dios album.  I love the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ vibe from the name of the song to the content therein.  The instrumentation is dope and of course you’ve got Spit Gemz rocking the mic with Eff Yoo.  Also one of the blessings of the songs is I get to hear Carmen Indhira albeit all so subtly.

Check the album if you have not already.

Single You Out: Spit Gemz – News At 11 (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq)

The topic of disinformation abounds on this second single from Spit Gemz forthcoming project, Godly Features.  We are all fed lies and tom foolery from those in a position of power, don’t be deceived.   Dope production coming from Organik Poisons which features a nice Slick Rick chopped sample on the hook.  Shabaam Sahdeeq stops by to lend a hot 16 to add even more flavor to the joint,

Single You Out: Agallah Don Bishop – Ferocious (ft SmooVth and Spit Gemz) (prod. Organik Poisons)

This is a single from Agallah’s new mixtape, Don Status.  This is actually my first taste of music from the project and it’s making me think I should check the whole thing.  The production from Organik Poisons has a really smooth sound with the cascading sample.  The emcees each do their thing effectively, but Spit Gemz’ bars are the showstopper.