Single You Out: Jack Jones – Ghost in a Shell (ft. Prince Po and Spectac)


Audyssey (Mass Influence, Soundsci) is Jack Jones and he has a new album, The Fix,  out that I want to showcase with some immediacy.   I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but after hearing this track with Prince Po and Spectac, you are gonna wanna cop just like I did.  This joint has a high degree of lyrical integrity and meaning which is complemented by some dope yet therapeutic production from, Tris Ol’English’ Browne.

So let’s all reach a consensus and embrace the dope!  Don’t tell me you don’t love it!

Single You Out: Spectac & Shakim – Moment Of Truth (ft. Skyzoo, Warren Wint, Sha Stimuli, Senor Kaos)


Spectac and Shakim are set to release their album, For The People, on Kevin Nottingham’s imprint, HIPNOTT Records.   And what do they do to get the people excited for the project?  They proceed to invite, Skyzoo, Warren Wint, Sha Stimuli, and Senor Kaos to get on a cut.  Yep.  That’ll get you excited.  Moment Of Truth is sponsored by the funkiness of Shakim as he crafts something memorable.

Definitely check for the album on February 19th!