Soulslicers – Get Finished (ft. Sparkingtin & D. Gotti) (Video)

Souslicers are back at it again and cranking out some new productions.  This particular joint has a laid back vibe to it but the rhyme from Sparkingtin are aggressive.   I missed these artists.   Sparkingtin and Souslicers were a good combination a number of years ago, and they still prove to be an ill collaborative.  D. Gotti contributes the chorus, rounding out the song.

Apparently, Soulslicers have a new album dropping soon, and I can’t wait to hear it.


Soulslicers – Another Part Of History (ft. El Lay and Sparkingtin)

The Soulslicers know beats.  Period.  These guys are crafting their rhythms to the top of the class.  I have really enjoyed everything that they have put out. 

This cut is coming from their Slice Of Life mixtape which can be downloaded at DJ Booth.  In terms of the emcees featured, we have bicoastal affair with El Lay and Sparkingtin each giving it a go around on the mic device.


Sparkingtin & The Soulslicers – Valentine (ft. Dre Goose)

Sparkingtin and Soulslicers did it once and they are about to do it again.  In 2011 they teamed up to drop The Exit Started It.  That EP was tight as hell.  I still walk around my house yelling upon occasion….Punch You In The Face For No Apparent Reason!   They are going to drop version 1.5 this spring and this joint sounds pretty ill to me.  What do you think?  I think this beat is going to sprain some necks…


Sparkingtin x Soulslicers – The Exit Started It (2011)

Artist: Sparkingtin x Soulslicers

Album: The Exit Started It



01. Intro
02. Life Of A G feat. El Lay
03. Punchn’ Clockn’
04. Punch You In The Face For No Apparent Reason feat. El Lay
05. Thinkn’ Free’em
06. I Know This Is What U Want
07. Tickn’ Time Bomb
08. Outro


The Soulslicer’s are busy.  Not too long ago they released their awesome album, Boost Da Soul.  Now they uncover or rather spotlight, this really gifted emcee, Sparkingtin.  This EP is a real gift right here.  You have some gritty Soulslicer’s production introducing the world to a true talent.  Music and the internet work again to create this combo from across the seas.  The Soulslicers hail from Switzerland and Sparkingtin from the hip hop bedrock, Harlem, NY.

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