The Regiment – The Panic Button (2011)

Artist: The Regiment

Album: The Panic Button

Source: Kevin Nottingham


  1. The R [prod by Soulution]
  2. Detroit Hip Hop [prod by Newstalgia]
  3. Battle Cry [prod by Apollo Brown]
  4. Beauty of a Day [prod by Soulution]
  5. Guns and Butter [prod by Kev Brown]
  6. Let Her Go (feat. Vincent J. Kelley) [prod by Beat Butcha]
  7. Just Shine [prod by BEATNICK DEE]
  8. The Reason [prod by Apollo Brown]
  9. Everything (feat. Vincent J. Kelley) [prod by Soulution]
  10. Believe [prod by Newstalgia]
  11. Make Do [prod by Newstalgia]
  12. That’s Why (feat. Substantial) [prod by Soulution]
  13. Get Away (feat. Vincent J. Kelley) [prod by Soulgate]
  14. 100 (feat. Kev Brown, Finale) [prod by Soulution]
  15. Clarity [prod by Soulution]
  16. Battle Cry Remix (feat. Boog Brown) [prod by Apollo Brown]
  17. Old School Vibe Remix [prod by Apollo Brown]

First off, let it be said that these guys and their team did an excellent job of promoting this release. They were constantly putting out music (First Mondays) and the word was buzzing (at least on my end).  There have been a ton of good releases this year, and a handful of great ones.  The Panic Button just might be cracking that latter category as soon as you get a chance to listen to it.

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