Sketch – Virginia Tec-9 (2011)

Artist: Sketch

Album: Virginia Tec-9

Source: So Much Promo Hard To Tell

1. Lil Bad Mfer
2. IDK
3. Tommy Gunz (Ft. K-Beta)
4. Believer (ft. Midian)
5. Chain Smoking
6. St. Ides (Skit)
7. D.R.E.A.M.
8. VT-9 (ft. DJ IDEE)
9. Nuclear Alcoholic Beverage (Skit)
10. Nuclear (ft. Bloodsport)
11. Nightmarez (ft. Nipsey Hustle)
12. Porno
13. The Connect (ft. K-Beta, Uptown XO, Nickelus F)
14. Call It A Gift (ft. K-Beta)
15. Pain Killer
16. My Life, My Love, My Blood (ft. Akshun)
17. Chain Smoking Remix (ft. Roc Marciano, Reef The Lost Cause)


Here is another album where I thought that the release date would never come. The lead single and title track dropped all the way back in May, but just last week we got ourselves the full length.  The album is seventeen tracks in length with a couple of skits thrown in .  In those fifteen actual songs there is a lot of dope rhymes and beats provided by Sketch and J-$crilla respectively.

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Sketch – Virginia Tec-9 (Video)

Aaaaah hell!  The DMV is not stopping!  This is one of my favorite tracks so far this year.  Sketch is new to me but he does mass amounts of damage on microphones.   J-Scrilla is not to me and you would have to be deaf not to feel this one.  The visuals dropped a couple of weeks ago but I was out of commission. so enjoy.  Also be on the lookout for that album in July.  I am really looking forward to it.


K-Beta – Inglorious Beta (2011)

Artist: K-Beta

Album: Inglorious Beta

Source: I’ve Been Knowing!


1. Intro
2. Black Business (produced by Overok)
3. Surrender featuring Sketch (produced by Grussle)
4. That Black Man (produced by Soulful!)
5. Suicide featuring Sketch (produced by J-Scrilla)
6. Come Closer featuring Mina (produced by Grussle)
7. Another Day 2 featuring Illa Ghee (produced by J-Scrilla)
8. Soul Cry featuring B. Sheba (produced by Grussle)
9. DTLR (Down the Line Rhymes) featuring Diamond District (produced by Kev Brown)
10.0Burn Through the Journal (produced by J-Scrilla)
11. I’m Bleeding (produced by Team Demolition)
12. With the Family (produced by Kevlar)
13. Infinite Possibilities featuring Mina (produced by Judah)
14. Smoke With Me featuring Laelo Hood (produced by J-Scrilla)
15. Life of Crhyme (produced by J-Scrilla)
16. Outchea (produced by Kokayi)
17. I Do It (Bonus)
18. We On (ft. Tabi Bonney) (Bonus)
19. Live From The…(Bonus)
20. Niggas Be Cryin’ (Bonus)

Note:The clean/edited version of Inglorious Beta dropped last year, minus the bonus cuts that you see on this current version. It was worth reviewing back then but it didn’t feel complete with the censorship. Now on, April 26th 2011, K-Beta unleashes the project as it was originally intended to be listened to, four letter words and all. I put the date in the post so you can write it down. It is the day somebody released a rare, classic album. I feel like once a year you will see an album that embodies the word “classic”. Last year it was The Left for their product, Gas Mask. Now, K-Beta’s Inglorious Beta needs to be mentioned in the same category.

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Single You Out: Sketch – Virginia Tec-9

I got this off of K-Beta’s Twitter but you don’t care where it came from, I know.  You care that it is dope, and it definitely is.  I am really ignorant when it comes to this artist, but Sketch’s bars sound  really dope over this bangin’ J-Scrilla beat, and it meets all the criteria for being posted on this blog.  This is something to love.  Be on the lookout for more Sketch in the near future. (I am telling you that this beat is killer, agree?)