Crown – Pieces To The Puzzle (ft. Rasco) (Video)

Sick Digger Crew in the building!    There is so much right going on with this release from Crown (of Grim Reaperz) and Rasco.  The beat is amazing with the piano keys just dancing across the hard hitting drum pattern.  And let me be honest: It’s been a long time since I have listened to some bars from Rasco and he KILLED his verses.  The flow was magnifique.  The icing on the cake was Chinch 33 providing the cuts.   That man is vastly underrated, but true heads know!

If you are feeling this track, make sure you check out Crown’s new album, Pieces To The Puzzle, and while you’re at it, ‘friend up’ the good people at Sick Digger  to find out what they have on tap this year.  It’s a dope camp of producers.

Single You Out: Al’Tarba & DJ Nix’On – Funny Games (ft. Dirt Platoon, King Magnetic, and Bonnie Li)



If you haven’t been able to figure this out from my other posts and features:  I LOVE the production that is coming out of France.  There is so much talent coming from our European brethren and a lot of it is incorporated in the name, Sick Digger Crew.  The group is compromised of beatsmiths, Al’Tarba, DJ Nix’on, Junior Makhno, Ugly Tony, Fonka, Mistamaff, Ganjak, and I.N.C.H.   Three of those aforementioned names have been featured on HHD numerous times before.   They are crafting a FREE project for us to enjoy entitled Overlords.  As soon as I have a release date for that I will be sure to pass it on, meanwhile enjoy this banger featuring King Magnetic, Dirt Platoon, and Bonnie Li.  This music is serious!