Milano Constantine x Showbiz – Cavalli Champ (Video)

Milano Constantine and Showbiz put the rest of the world on notice as the Cavalli Champ which is the first song on their most recent project., Eating But Still Hungry. If you are familiar with these two artists body of work, I shouldn’t have to say too much here. Milano’s flow is top shelf and to date has not put out anything less than stellar, and Showbiz is a legend beatsmith. So let’s let the word “champ” ring true here.

Showbiz x Milano Constatine – Get Chips (Video)

Milano Constatine and famed producer Showbiz dropped their much-anticipated album, Boulevard Author yesterday and this song (video) is quite indicative of what you will find on the album as a whole.

Constatine has been a highly sought after artist for the last few years and you can see why here.  He’s at the top of his game here, narrating street perspectives, and corner commentary as someone who has lived it.  He does such with an almost effortless flow over that premium production Showbiz has made his name on for the last three decades.

Definitely, check the album!