Skeezo – Fouls And Free Throws (2016)



Artist: Skeezo

Album: Fouls and Free Throws


  1. Ice Cold (ft. Juxx Diamondz)
  2. Gun Talk (ft. Masai Bey)
  3. Still Stuck
  4. Between The Lines (ft. Mic Handz and Shabaam Sahdeeq)
  5. Heavy Reign (ft. Napoleon Legend x VVS Verbal)
  6. No Seeds (Venom Remix)


It’s really good to hear some new sounds from the man Skeezo.  And to compliment the fact that the man drops dope music, he is releasing these six songs for free.   If you are not familiar with this man’s talent, now is the opportune time to study up.  Skeezo’s always dropping those tough bars and his choice of production continues to be impeccable.

There are lots of great guest shots on this project as well, but no one is going to outdue the host, bet on that.  Check out the tracks below:

DJ Ready Cee – News At 11 (ft. Spit Gemz & Shabaam Sahdeeq) (Video)

News At 11 is a track off of DJ Ready Cee’salbum, Order 66. This track is all sorts of dope. Spit Gemz and Shabaam Sahdeeq drop all sorts of knowledge with regards to the food that we eat, socio-economics, and politics. There’s a lot of material being dropped in two sixteens over a villainous beat from Ready Cee.

Check the album!

Shabaam Sahdeeq – D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. (Video)

Shabaam Sahdeeq drops another hot joint from the EP, Modern Artillery, which is out now. Big Ape putting out a production on D.I.L.L.G.A.F. that has more of a upbeat and vibrant vibe to it, the way it leads with the piano key samples. But Sahdeeq is doing anything but playful on this track. He is differentiating himself from the pack with every effort, so don’t lump him in with the pack. He is on a level all unto himself right now.

Shabaam Sahdeeq – Get It ( prod. Big Ape) (Video)

Shabaam Sahdeeq’s new EP, Modern Artillery is out now and this track reflects well upon the whole project.    We showcased the single back in early October and now we are treated to the video. The concept of the video is pretty dope in that you think that you are watching a family man getting his bread the legal way, and only til the very end do you understand that he’s taking the crooked path to make the ends meet.  Pretty dope.  Production is by Big Ape.  Make sure you snag this EP.

Single You Out: Shabaam Sahdeeq – Get It (prod. by Big Ape)

Shabaam Sahdeeq has been steadily dropping releases for the better part of two decades.  That type of longevity is hard to duplicate these days.   The best part of it is, that he gets better with every release.   He’s not stale, he is more dynamic than ever.   A true master of his craft flippin’ over this Big Ape beat, representing for his upcoming project dropping this month, Modern Artillery.

Single You Out: Gstats – Symphony (ft. Shatike, Skanks, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and P. General)


I am not going to let this one slip through the tracks (haha).  Gstats just released his project, Syke Ward, and I was one of the first in line to cop it.  First off, Shinigamie Records, has a proven track record of dropping some dope material.  Gstats drops some rough and rugged flows throughout the release, but this posse cut right here, was definitely and ‘oh wow’ moment.

If you are feeling it, make sure drop some scratch on the album.

Single You Out: Spit Gemz – News At 11 (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq)

The topic of disinformation abounds on this second single from Spit Gemz forthcoming project, Godly Features.  We are all fed lies and tom foolery from those in a position of power, don’t be deceived.   Dope production coming from Organik Poisons which features a nice Slick Rick chopped sample on the hook.  Shabaam Sahdeeq stops by to lend a hot 16 to add even more flavor to the joint,