Jedi Mind Tricks – Second Hand Smoke (Video)

New Jedi Mind Tricks album is on the way and this is just the precursur! The Funeral & The Raven is up for pre-order now and I know fans of the group and myself are anxious for the release. Very few hip hop artists have stood the test of time in this era as the likes of JMT, and done it by consistently dropping dope music. On Second Hand Smoke, Stoupe unleashes his version of a music box mixed with sharp snares for Paz to spit over.

Single You Out: Goldini Bagwell – Let’s Grow (DaiN Remix)


Getting back into the regular swing of things and unleashing more Sandpeople goodness.  I missed hearing Goldini Bagwell in 2012.  After hearing Chainsmoke in 2011,  I was anxious to hear more material, but alas 2013 is upon us and he has more tunes to offer us but before he get to his new album,  Second Hand Smoke, we get to hear this new remix from the aforementioned album by DaiN.