Single You Out: Whip Beats – Word On The Street (ft. Sean Price x Skeezo)

No matter how much time has passed since Sean Price’s passing, it remains refreshing to hear him on a project so many years later, and serves as a ever present reminder as to what a gift he is. Plus you also hear from the homie Skeezo, and it’s been a minute since Ive heard him bless a mic, and he gives it the royal treatment.

The production is handled by France’s own, Whip Beats. And he has a new dropping next week according to sources.

Single You Out: ShortFyuz – Not For Nothing (ft. Sean Price)


This cut, Not For Nothing, is lifted off of ShortFyuz’s album, Lostsol, which is out now.  Of course the highlight here is that the track has bars from Sean Price, which is a treat in and of itself.   But the whole track is dope with some smooth production underneath that Price heat we are all very familiar with.

Check out the album.  A lot of dope guest spots on there, and if ShortFyuz’s production is anything like this throughout the album, then we are in for a treat.  I will most certainly be checking it out.

Single You Out: One Dae – John Mackenflow (ft. Sean Price)

One Dae is out to follow up his phenomenal album from 2013, Daes & Times.  If you didn’t check that album, you need to go and recap with that now, and then check this song.   When you get done with that, now you can hear how hard this song bangs!  Sean Price joins One Dae for an assortment of bars over a banger that comes from Freestyla.

I am not sure this track is a part of the project, but The Philosopher’s Stoned is his new full length with no said date.

William Cooper – God’s Will (2015)



Artist: William Cooper

Album: God’s Will


01. Yesterday (God Frequency)
02. God’s Will (feat. Pace Won)
03. Something Ain’t Right (feat. Nature)
04. Grym Reaper
05. Never Fall
06. Blue Dreaming
07. True-n-Livin’ Nightmares (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Sticky Fingaz)
08. Stairway to the Matrix
9. Morpheus Prophecies (feat. Planet Asia)
10. Verbal Checkmate (feat. Killah Priest)
11. Holy Mountain (feat. Sean Price & Stoneface)
12. Secrets of Oz
13. The Cycle (feat. Ill Bill & Trife Diesel)
14. Volcanic Winter (feat. 9th Prince)
15. 7th Odyssey (feat. Timbo King & Killah Priest)
16. Channel Z
17. Zombieland (feat. Diabolic)
18. Marvelous Minds (feat. Big Twins & Big Noyd)
19. Closer to God (feat. Rah Digga)
20. MC Supremacy
21. Second Chance (feat. Stoneface)
22. Tomorrow
23. The Sequel
24. My Brother’s Keeper (feat. Stoneface)
25. Ultimate Spit (feat. Young Zee)
26. Illustrious Vision



I can’t think of an album in recent memory that was this long that maintained this much consistency as does God’s Will from William Cooper.  When listening to this album you will notice a cohesiveness you typically don’t associate with a project of this length.  In my mind that’s just one of the things that makes this album special.    There are so many individual components that contribute to making this album a must listen so let’s take a look at some of those finer points.

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Single You Out: Diabolic – Game Time (feat. Sean Price & Vinnie Paz)


Diabolic drops the final single before his album, Fightin Words, drops this coming Tuesday.  So if you have been fiending for that braggadocio and in your face flavor, make sure you get in line for this release.  ‘Bolic leaves no bar untouched when he invited Sean Price and Vinnie Paz to drop some lines.   This is that un-traditional tough talk, ya hear me fella?

Single You Out: 7evenThirty – Hook Heavy (ft. Sean Price) (prod. by Gensu Dean)


Gensu Dean ain’t right for this beat!  This is creeper music right here.  The kind of production that haunts emcees in their dreams.  Luckily 7evenThirty and Sean Price are well versed (no pun intended) in tackling this beat. Great music and great bars.

Both singles have been real nice for Dean and 7evenThirty’s collaborative project, The Problem.   There are some high expectations set for this project.