Single You Out: Ante Meridian – Nat King Cobra


Rozewood and Mr. Enok team up to form the Ante Meridian.  They have a project launching this month.  The 25th to be exact, entitled Sons Of Heaven.  I think it goes without saying after you hear this track that you know the whole album will be fire.

I have heard a couple of joints and it has all been flawless.  I mean 5 out of 5 type ish.  These guys are just catching bodies with these vibes, they are burying you in their backyard!  Pure fire.

Rozewood – Seppuku (2012)


Artist: Rozewood

Album: Seppuku

Source: Artist


1. Red Lotus Blossom (ft. Panic and Great Scott)
2. Live From NYC (prod. by The Alchemist)
3. Tristate Agenda (prof. by 9th Wonder)
4. Black Christ (prod. by Apollo Brown)
5. Dancing With The Devil (prod. by Josh Lamont)
6. Cloud Merger (ft. Hus and Smoovth)
7. Golden Angels (prod. by Apollo Brown)


This is one of those reviews that I was trying to get done weeks ago and then the sickness set in and I wasn’t really good for anything.  But here I am in reasonable health to let you know about this project Rozewood concocted at the end of 2012. Rozewood you may remember had a project reviewed over a year ago entitled Neon Paradise.  That was a really solid album.

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Single You Out: Hus Kingpin x Rozewood – High Rises (Manu Remix)


I am violating a cardinal rule by throwing this cut up today.  I only put five a day on max (usually) but this time I had to be flexible with the rule.  This track is too good not to share.

Hus Kingpin and Rozewood are lacing this track some of that atypical illness found these days.  I particular feel the flow of Rozewood with the fiery delivery.  But the whole vibe of the song made me want to rise up!

This joint can be found on the forthcoming collaborative project from the two entitled, $100Taper.


Rozewood – Neon Paradise (2011)

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Artist: Rozewood

Album: Neon Paradise

Source: Itunes


  1. Asian Nights
  2. Pandorum
  3. Midnight Run RMX
  4. Dimenstions
  5. By The Grace Of God
  6. Get Well Soon
  7. You Say That You Love Me
  8. Whats You Poison
  9. Gods Grain (ft. Hus)
  10. Midnight RUn
  11. Horrorville Block
  12. Pain
  13. Love With A Stranger
  14. I’ve Been Drinking
  15. Just My Mind Again


I first became familiar with Rozewood a little over a year ago when I heard the cut, Prelude To A Funeral, off of his 2012 release.  I really loved that cut and I have been listening to this emcee ever since.

Now to project at hand:  Neon Paradise is a unique project because I feel like the the production and the emcee are divergent.  What I mean by that is for the most part, the production throughout the album is laid back, subtle, and sometimes muted.  Typically you would think that type of style would favor a laid back emcee, but Rozewood bucks that notion.  He has a powerful delivery that is reminiscent of KGR.   The production and the emcee really wind up gelling well on the album. He bodies the beat numerous times on this album.

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