Single You Out: Dirt Disciples – Panoramic (ft. Torae)

First and foremost, Dirt Disciples consists of the raw and gritty duo, Rome Clientel and DJ Concept  and they are about to hit you with a new project, The Ambition, which is dropping on October 9th.   This single features a very recognizable beat as well as guest rhymer in, Torae.  In the joint, Panormic, you find no shortage of boom bap, that is sure to ensnare hip hop fans off all walks of life.

Curtessy x The Militia – Expectations (2013)


Artist: Curtessy x The Militia

Album: Expectations


  1. A New Day
  2. What It Seems
  3. One (ft. Khrysis)
  4. Emcee
  5. Expectations (ft. Wally Left x Rome Clientel)
  6. The Lifestyle (ft. MidaZ The BEAST)
  7. All My Life
  8. South Central (ft. Pro Logic)
  9. Aint No Love
  10. End Of The Day


One thing that I have learned for certain in 2013 is that The Militia is an elite production outfit.   They concoct some raw and innovative boom bap for artists, in this case, Curtessy to spit over.

Expectations is an interesting title for this album, because not really knowing what Curtessy was about, I really had no expectations for this release.  But as it turns out, with this release, he’s starting to set those expectations with this release.  And he sets that bar high.

The project of course features spine-snapping drums and soulful rhythms from The Militia but also a very driven Curtessy.  It sounds like he is a man who has been doubted before.   But on this release, he shows that South Central emcees can come with the lyrics too.  He got the nice wordplay but it is derived from his real life experiences and what’s what makes this joint special.

Expectations on the whole is dope but some of my favorite cuts are One, the posse cut Expectations, and All My Life.  These three cuts illustrate the incredible production from The Militia and Curtessy’s complete repertoire.  Give this project a chance and become a fan.

Single You Out: Rome Clientel – L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. by ATG)




Rome Clientel’s dropping one more single until the release of his third EP, The Empire 3: The Coronation.   L.E.G.A.C.Y. is about being something more than just a flash-in-the-pan emcee.   Rome is planning to build something a little more permanent for himself, his family, and his fans.   This is a long term endeavor.   The EP drops on Tuesday, so make some room in your hard drive.  You won’t be disappointed. 


Single You Out: Rome Clientel – Champions (ft. Realm Reality & Skyzoo) (prod. DJ Concept)


Rome Clientel is back with another single from the The Empire 3: Coronation project that has a set date of October 14th (which isn’t that far now). The cut, entitled Champions,  finds Rome trading bars with New York lyricists Realm Reality (Infamous) and Skyzoo over production from DJ Concept.  When you have some many talented individuals involved in a cut, it’s impossible for it to be considered anything less than a win.

I think it needs to also be said here that DJ Concept is killing it as of late.  He has had his hand in a number of different projects with a variety of artists and they all come out tight.    Just trying to recognize a major contributor to hip hop when I see one…



Rome Clientel – The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds (2012)


Artist: Rome Clientel

Album: The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds

Source: DharmicX


1. The Glass House
2. Free
3. The Crisis
4. Gone Too Long (ft. Devon Wright)
5. Chips Fall
6. My Inner War
7. Betta Luv Em’
8. You Want War
9. One Life To Live (ft. Reks)
10. Troubled Child


Rome Clientel’s art is a demonstration of what is good with hip hop right now.  With his new project, The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP, Rome Clientel takes big beats and grimy bars up-a-notch. Thus giving you Golden Era flavor with new school flow and vocabulary.  The intangibles (ie his baritone voice) are an asset that can’t be ignored.

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