Single You Out: Rock Mecca – Gladiator Schools (ft. Roc Marciano)

You want some fight club music this weekend? Yeah. I’ve got you covered. Rock Mecca and Roc Marciano go all out for the fight over this sublime production from Jake Palumbo.

The production has a lot of depth with a sonic appeal. I love how it varies over the course of the song. It almost feels tailored, especially for the Roc Marciano contribution.

I too am steadily looking forward to the album, Ironworld, which seems M.I.A. I’ve put in a request for some more information as to it’s whereabouts and when I have that, I will pass it on.

Ras Beats -Wit No Pressure (ft. Roc Marciano) (Video)

Ras Beats just released his dope producer album, Control Your Own, on Friday.   Wit No Pressure, featuring Roc Marciano was the first single from the project, and it makes sense to make it the first video.

Everyone I have talked to about the album thinks very highly of this album, including myself.  It has really deep production and features some uniquely dope talent on the mic.

I suggest you check it!

Single You Out: MidaZ the BEAST – Fire (ft. Roc Marciano) (The IMAKEMADBEATS Remix)



Fire, from MidaZ the Beast and Roc Marciano is given the remix treatment by accomplished beatsmith, IMAKEMADBEATS.  IMAKEMADBEATS give this track a touch of playful sadsim.  (How did you like that?  Playful sadism…I said it)  It’s dark, banging, yet intriguing and interesting.  This may be one of my favorite beats from 2013.    Really feeling it.   AU, MidaZ’s album, is dropping in two weeks.  Highly anticipated.


Single You Out: Hus Kingpin – Boss Material (feat. Roc Marciano)



Hus Kingpin shares the mic with perhaps the most “in demand” emcee when it comes to guest appearances.  Everyone wants  a Marciano feature. ..and here the two develop that Boss Material as a result of the collabo.  DJ Kryptonite is on the production.  The combination on this track reminds me of a Ghostface and Raekwon collabo.  C’mon, tell me you don’t hear that connection with this material.  This track is just a forerunner for The Cognac Tape which is slated to drop on September 17th.

Single You Out: Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers – Young Blood (ft. Roc Marciano) (prod. by Has-Lo)



First off, Has-Lo out did himself with this production.  What a gem!  The resonating guitar is different and absolutely perfect.  Zilla Rocca and Roc Marciano absolutely wreck shop with their verses over this piece.  They take aim at the hot heads on the corner of the block and how the city will eat it’s young.

I have always been a fan of Zilla Rocca and given a silent nod to Marciano’s work.  But this is next level right here.  Roc Marciano sounds as though this beat was custom made for him.

This is the first single off of No Vacation For Murder.

Innocent? – Time For Change (ft. Roc Marciano x DJ Modesty) (prod. by Alterbeats)

A few things caught my eye when I got this press release:  1) Roc Marciano 2) DJ Modesty 3) Alterbeats

I am familiar with all three of those artists and thought, if all of this talent is working along side Innocent?  for sure he has to have some skills and assuredly he does.  This track definitely has that NY/East Coast appeal.  Alterbeats, if you are not familiar, is a French producer we have featured here a number of times and he specializes in that grimy, boom-bap flavor.

Innocent?  has a new album dropping in the third quarter of 2013 entitled Love It Or Hate It which is chocked full of dope artists.