Single You Out: Adlib – Destro (ft. Ill Bill) (prod. by Rob The Viking)

Adlib has linked up with Rob The Viking of Swollen Members for his new album, Teenagers From Marz.   Adlib has been making great music for years so don’t let this song surprise you.   But linking up with Rob The Viking for production definitely should make hay in getting his name buzzing even more.   Adlib always has an upfront, no holds bared style, that falls front in center regardless of the production.  It’s time people start taking notice. Oh not to be lost on you, this track features Ill Bill.


Swollen Members – Beautiful Death Machine (2013)


Artist: Swollen Members

Album: Beautiful Death Machine

Source: Artist


01. Inception
02. Death to You (ft. Ill Bill, Slaine, & Vinnie Paz)
04. King of Diamonds
05. Juggernaut
06. The Difference
07. River Monster
08. Mercenary
09. Colossal Beasts – (ft. Esoteric, Celph Titled, & Apathy)
10. Almost Famous
11. Death Warrant
12. Fear – (ft. Snak the Ripper)


Swollen Members has teased me for years with single after single for previous albums alluding to that elusive and dark sound that harkens back to their debut effort, Balance. What kept on happening is the singles would all ring true to that “dark” formula, but those previous albums would fall short of the overall sound that I craved. Sometimes it’s not fair to judge an emcee or a group on that original sound as things are supposed to evolve.  But I am only human, and in the case of Beautiful Death Machine,  Madchild, Prevail, and Rob The Viking have come full circle.

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Swollen Members – Mercenary (Video)

Off of Swollen Members forthcoming album, Beautiful Death Machine.  I hope the music is as dark as the title and this song suggests because nobody did darkness better than Swollen Members.  This song is eerily reminiscent of a track that might have been heard off of Balance (which is not a good thing…it’s a great thing).  It just has that haunting vibe.  Also,  I know Madchild gets a lot of press, but does anyone else think Prevail’s incredibly underrated?