Check The Discography: Reks


I have been a fan of Reks since I first heard the album, Along Came The Chosen.  He’s  a real man, a real emcee, who is creating real music.   There are no smoke and mirrors.  There’s no fancy cars and glamorous women in the videos. There’s no flashing of the cash.  When the game changed, Reks remained true to himself and the foundation of hip hop.  He kept on doing him and making music for those who could appreciate that. He’s worked with some of the most renowned producers and illest emcees.  In return for his great musical contribution, HHD wants to repay the favor and highlight his illustrious career thus far.  This Check The Discography is  for a man who is more than deserving.  So Reks, we salute you, your work, and all the energy you put into it.  As a fan, if you don’t have any of these albums, or mixtapes, make sure you do yourself a favor and cop these.  A couple of things before you start clicking: The majority of these releases are sold in online stores, so please follow the links and support the man.  Secondly,  Happy Holidays was released as a mixtape almost a decade ago and I can find no working links so if you have access, holler at me.  Lastly, the link to the Rekless album is to CD Universe where you can only buy the physical album for approximately $60.00.  I say go for it!

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R-3668644-1339606861-6445REKS CD_DP_ RLX_6 panel center trayREKS-In-Between-The-Lines-Volume-2R-3844162-1346612446-7429reks-revolutioncocktailAll Eyes on REKS



Reks – The Molotov (Video)

I just copped and finished listening to Revolution Cocktail a few days ago.  Reks never fails to impress.  He has one of the best deliveries in the game. His technique and skill has become incredibly polished over the years.  He also has consistently put out dope material year after year.   It’s that consistency that puts him in that ‘elite’ category.  The rhyme schemes and phrases he puts together in The Molotov are nothing short of impressive.  I am also a fan of the simplicity of the video.  It’s pretty amazing how impressive a video can be when dealing with red/black and a head shot.

I encourage everyone to cop the album.  Reks is a Top 10 emcee in my opinion and deserves the support.

Single You Out: Reks – Judas (prod. by Lee Bannon)



Lee Bannon laces Reks with a dark, haunting, and plodding beat.   Reks uses the opportunity to air out his grievances with those snakes in the grass.  Those who are prone to associate with you only to stab you in the back.

This track is the first single from Rek’s upcoming mixtape, Revolution Cocktail, which will be made available  on January 22nd.