Single You Out: Endemic – NY Untouchables (ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Top Dog & Supreme)

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Endemic is a producer out of the UK who has made some noise before with his initial offering of Terminal Illness.  He has an ill sound and also a new project coming out soon.  Quarantine is a mixtape he has dropping on May 27th and the line up looks pretty fresh to me. I mean look at the line up on this track!  Any concerns?  Didn’t think so.


Critical – Quarantine (2012)

Artist: Critical

Album: Quarantine

Source: Creative Juices Music


1. Wreckage
2. Glidin’ (ft. Tzarizm)
3. Time Flies
4. A Vibe Called Stress (ft. Tzarizm)
5. Menace To Sobriety (ft. Madness)
6. The Difference


More than not, talented hip hop acts get buried under the bulk of “hip hop” music getting made these days.  Case in point, a guy like Critical, who has been making dope music for years, can fly underneath the radar while other less talented folks (who will remain unmentioned) get all of the shine.  Well, hopefully his most current release, Quarantine, will change all of that.

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Single You Out: Critcal – The Difference (ft. Tzarizm)


New music from Creative Juice’s own, Critical. The production on this joint is manufactured by Tzarizm. I love the horns on the track and Critical bodies the beat as he differentiates himself from his ‘competition’ or lack there of. This is another artist that heads need to check for off a very talented roster. This is the first single off his forthcoming Quarantine project. Can’t wait…