Quadir Lateef lets loose a video off of his critically acclaimed project, Fool’s Gold.  The track of the title is lengthy and the words within inspire the potency of all those great revolutionaries mentioned.   It’s not too often that someone brings this much meaning and intent behind his words, but get used to it because that’s what Lateef is all about…meaning, intent, and action.

Quadir Lateef – Fool’s Gold (2013)


Artist: Quadir Lateef

Album: Fool’s Gold



I can’t go any longer without talking about this album.  Quadir Lateef’s, Fools Gold, is an indictment of all that is going on in the hip hop culture.   He is fierce and fearless when making his observations.   Everything from the songs to the skits has a purpose, and that’s to put this hip hop culture on blast.  As a Muslim, Lateef, has a problem with his surroundings and instead of sitting idly by and giving the perpetrators a pass, he vehemently goes after these individuals within the confines of this music.

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