Precyce Politix – To The Giants (Video)

This is some straight illness from emcee Precyce Politix and producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats and we are obligated to spread this sickness.  I mean everything is fire about this song.  The presence on the mic by Politix and the production by Beats is getting everything rowdy in the place.

If you are feeling this you may be so inclined to pick up the new album Drug-Politix.

Single You Out: K-Hill – The Ride (ft. Precyce Politix)

a2647373492_10K-Hill is back with some new music rocking over a production from D.R.U.G.S. Beats.  There’s so much dope content packed into just over two minutes from both Hill and Precyce Politix.   Check out just a segment of these bars. The Rolling Stones reference is so on point.

When your people try to tell you  that your time’s up, it’s ego pain / Hoping years of writing for y’all weren’t done in vain /  And promoters don’t want to pay you but they rape your brand / Then they talking shit about you because you force my hand / When you disrespect your own, how you taking shots at Macklemore? / One cultures’ trash is another cultures’ opens door / Only genre with an old school category / Jagger gets the money Keith Richards getting gory