Single You Out: Praverb The Wyse – Average Joe (ft. M-Dot & Revalation (prod. Soulmade)

Man, it really is hard to contemplate a hip hop world with out Praverb. As a matter of fact, I have just been avoiding thinking about it ever since he passed away over a year ago. What a great person and inspiration to so many…

But his love for music and his talent will remain a living testament to the man. EMS cohorts M-Dot and Revalation join the late Praverb for this previously unreleased joint.

There is a whole project that just released featuring dope matieral from Praverb, so make sure you check that out.

The Legacy

Single You Out: Praverb The Wyse – Waiting For The Finish


Praverb the Wyse links up with Croup once again to provide you a smooth, introspective track.  Praverb is the king of introspection in my mind.  He takes ‘every man’ concepts and sets them to rhyme and rhythm to make great music.  His first verse regarding being a father is especially poignant and well thought out.

If Praverb isn’t a staple in your iTunes collection yet…make room!

Single You Out: Animal Pak (Don Streat and Praverb the Wyse) – Banger

There may not be a more appropriately named song this year.  Simple, yet well earned.  Croup has put together a top ten production this year, while Praverb and Don Streat put axe to grindstone creating sharp verses (you like that one don’t you.)  I like the idea of this, ‘Animal Pak’ group.  A good combination that is going to turn a lot of heads.

Praverb The Wyse – Professional Hobbyist (2011)

Artist: Praverb The Wyse

Album: Professional Hobbyist

Source: Artist


1. My Journey
2. Professional Hobbyist
3. Blue Collar (ft. Don Streat)
4. Everlasting Struggle
5. For My People
6. The Critic
7. Nothing To Gain
8. I Pray (Fall To My Knees)
9. That’s How It Is (ft. Don Streat)
10. November 11th
11. The Critic (Smimooz Remix)


Lets face it, we live in a world where people are just not honest with themselves and others.  Artists portray themselves often times as something that they are not.  It happens everywhere but is extremely prevalent in the music industry.  It is especially, true in a convoluted independent music environment when so many people are vying for exposure.  In walks, Praverb The Wyse, who with his album, Professional Hobbyist, bucks that trend.

We have talked about Praverb before as a member of the collective known as The Brainstormers.  What separates him, and makes him noteworthy?  Well part of that is just being genuine.  He speaks from his own experiences and not that of someone else.  The second element that makes him worth talking about is that God given ability.  Lets face it, not everybody has a voice to be an emcee.  You can’t teach that or coach that. Praverb’s voice and flow command respect and attention.  Professional Hobbyist is the culmination of that honesty and talent that everyone will be able to appreciate.

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Single You Out: Praverb the Wyse – Blessed With The Gift Remix (IV the Polymath)


Not only is Praverb a good person to poly about hip-hop with ,  he is also one hell of an emcee in his own right.  IV the Polymath sent this over and I am most definitely feeling his musical twist to the track.  Praverb is a spiritual emcee and you feel the soul and intellect he puts into a track like this just like you felt when listening to him on teh Brainstormer’s project.  Be sure to check this joint out!