Single You Out: Shaz IllYork – Chopper (G-Mix) (ft. Nems, Poison Pen, Nutso & Danse Daimons)


Let the horns blow!  It’s like a call to war on this track.  Some of my favorite emcees gathered for this remix to Shaz Illyork’s Chopper. We got Nems, Poison Pen, Nutso, and Danse Daimons.  I am not familiar with the latter artist but the former gentlemen are certified body bag rhymers.   I was particularly impressed with Poison Pen’s bars.  I haven’t heard him in a long while and he sounded certified fresh on this joint.  I can’t wait to get my hands on Illyork’s Deadstock Revival.

Morgue music.

Single You Out: Awkword – Back To BK (ft. D.Julien, Dom O Briggs, Poison Pen, and Tone Spliff)

It’s still all aces when it comes to the music that Awkword is making.  It’s a different line up but the same dope result. All of the emcees ride this stripped down production to the death.  It’s grimy, gritty and extremely likable.  I am not even going to ask about the World View release date…not going to do it…release it already so I can contribute to the cause!

PH – Know The Ledge (2011)

Artist: PH 

Album: Know The Ledge

Source: Bandcamp


01. You Know (Intro)
02. Awww Shux
03. County Of Kings feat. Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo & Ruste Juxx & LR Blitzkrieg
04. Starman
05. Cool World
06. Pretty In Ink
07. Champagne And Kush
08. Never Have feat. LR Blitzkrieg, GMS & Substantial
09. King Latifah
10. This Aint What You Want feat. Kid Vishis & Marvwon
11. How To Battle
12. Dodgerville feat. Nems & Poison Pen
13. Wage War
14. Hollywood (Bonus Track)


PH  (formerly known as Pumpkinhead) has been making music for a minute.  I think I have upwards of around eight releases from PH in my Itunes right now, so the man has shown a great deal of longevity when it comes to being able to work on his music through out the years.   He has also been apart of the Grind Time battle circuit.  He has used his experience as a polished emcee to reak havoc on competition.  You need only to check your favorite search engine for “PH + Grind Time” to check out countless YouTube videos of his battles.

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