Koncept – Playing Life EP

Artist: Koncept

Album: Playing Life

Guests: Sene, Silent Knight

Production: The Audible Doctor, J57, Maticulous, DJ Brace, DJ Dyllemma

Best Tracks: Keeping On, First Time, Old Man Winters

Recommendation:  Highly Recommend

Note:  The BBAS has never given you reason to doubt the skill that lies within.  Koncept’s release is no different. Playing Life is short and excellent.  I always was impressed by Soul Khan from BBAS but this EP gave me an opportunity to really see what his compadre Koncept could do on the microphone.  He does not disappoint.  He is not a punchline rapper but rather relies on a great flow and emotion to rock a track.  When you listen to him you really feel the music.

The production is also incredibly solid.   Ever since I heard the Undeniable Remix by The Audible Doctor I was an instant fan.  He laces three tracks for the EP and all of them are on point.  He has great command of his production.  It just seems so effortless.  But the banger on the album has to be Keeping On which was laced by maticulous.  The song just knocks.

In conclusion,  I feel that this EP deserves a spot on your Ipod.  It’s just too nice not too.  While to call it an “instant classic” is a reach, it still differentiates itself from the rest of the pack to make it one of the better releases in 2010.