Top 50 Songs (2013)

Disclaimer:  It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year.  It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012.  Click the links to listen to the song!  I think it’s a great list.  There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones.  I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Said BeforeGoldini Bagwell

2. Rhyme Of The YearNino Bless

3. BelieversMayday

4. Outlive, Outshine Theo3

5.  WarStryfe and Marc Byrd

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Single You Out: Peter Leo x DJ Concept – Liquor Store



Sometimes our survival has it’s vices and Peter Leo is here to address them with the DJ Concept produced track, Liquor Store.   Leo strikes me as a young artist whose life has run the gamut .   He’s seen and done some things, and he’s not afraid to discuss them with us as a listener.  On September 10th, we are going to get to hear what his story has to offer us in the form of Young Baby Father.

Undefined – Closed Caskets (ft. Peter Leo x Little Vic) (Video)

The first thing I want to say is that you don’t see chemistry on the microphone like this anymore.  Little Vic and Peter Leo spit these bars like they were on some EPMD shit.   It’s incredible the way they trade these bars.  I can’t compare it with anything recently.  The second thing I want to note is  the dope beat that Undefined crafts here, and his album, Certified A-Side, is chocked full of rhythms like this.  You need to check it out!  Lastly, the video is extremely well done.  The director really did a great job of accentuating the team work in the track.  Officially one of my favorite joints this year.

Single You Out: Peter Leo – See The Judge (ft. Nutso)



Peter Leo is keeping up his collision course with success.  This is three successive dope singles from the man and this is the one that bangs the hardest.  But what can you expect when he teams up with the man, Nutso?  Nutso gets the utmost respect on HHD. That’s an emcee’s emcee right there. DJ Supa Dave claims responsibility for this banger.


Single You Out: Typ iLL x Peter Leo x Little Vic – The Light (prod. Velotz)



This music business is serious and these are some serious individuals on this track!  This is some of that ‘gottdamn’ type music because you will be saying that a lot during the four minutes this track runs.  Typ iLL, Peter Leo, and Little Vic showcase over this Velotz beat.  This track has head nodder written all over it.  (Oh and Vic’s verse if proof in point that he is one of the nicest in the game.  Go ahead and tell me different!)  Be warned…

Single You Out: Peter Leo – Today Is Not Your Day


First off, this is a great name for a song.  Peter Leo prepares you for the fact that “today is not your day” over some superlative production from Sickness.  I had never heard of Leo until DJ Mickey Knox snuck his music into my inbox.  Really dope flow and a song we can keep in rotation for an indefinite period of time.  Everything comes together on this joint, the boom bap drums, the cascading electronica, the chorus, and Leo’s fire verses.  I will be on the look out for more music…