9DM & Lawz Spoken – You’ll Never Be Famous (2011)

Artist: 9DM x Lawz Spoken

Album:  You’ll Never Be Famous

Source: Itunes


  1. You’ll Never Be Famous (Mr. Hollywood)
  2. Everywhere I Go (ft. PC Platinum)
  3. Dangerous
  4. Red & Blue Lights (ft. Illmaculate)
  5. Lay Em Down
  6. Wire Tap
  7. Poison
  8. What’s New
  9. Walk Of Fame
  10. Any Risk
  11. Miss Me With That (ft. Only One x PC Platinum)
  12. Your Call
  13. If I Can’t Be With You
  14. Down For The Cause
  15. BLVD of Broken Dreams

I was sifting through Itunes a couple of Tuesdays ago and came across this release which was a pretty random find.  I knew Lawz Spoken had just worked with Only One on a project and I wanted to hear what this one sounded like.  I was really blown away with what was coming out of the speakers.  Lawz Spoken laced incredible beat after incredible beat and 9DM just laid them to rest. The phrase “This album goes hard!” is really overused but this album does indeed, go hard.