Single You Out: One Be Lo – Suez Rode

One Be Lo has a new project out called, Songs Of Songs, which he is describing as a gift and a celebration of life. The project, consists of many sounds, layers, and frequencies. And it is quite literally a musical gift from him to you. It is free but I highly encourage you to support him for the talent that he is. He not only drops clever and poinant lyricism but self-produced the project.

I am choosing to share the track Suez Rode as I love how One Be Lo masterfully narrates the love of his surroundings to us over a production that is rich yet industrial.

Binary Star – Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around (Video)

New video from one of two recently released Binary Star projects, LIGHTY.   Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around is both jazzy and chill but still indefinitely hip-hop, which alas, the whole point.  The overall sound of the song inebriates you almost, entrances you, but the scratching and lyricism from One Be Lo bring you back into sharp focus.  An emcee, I don’t think you could name three emcees of a higher caliber when it comes to wordplay.  One Be Lo is amongst my favorites.

Binary Star – The Last Supper Nova (Video)

One Be Lo showcases why he has been an elite emcee spanning well over a decade.  The way he integrates Bible books with athlete names and assortment of other recognizable entities is just damn amazing.  People’s pen game simply aren’t as clever as this.  There are very few writing on this kind of level.  Really brilliant.

I CAN NOT wait for the new Binary Star album, LightY ears Apart to drop.  If the songs are just half this dope, it’s going to be all the way remarkable.

Single You Out: Binary Star – Slang Blade (Reprised)

One Be Lo takes a Binary Star classic from 1996, beefs up the drums, and then give it a renewed, 2016 lyrical twist.

Ifyou’renot up on Binary Star and their classic album, Masters Of The Universe, then you are probably not from around these parts. But, nonetheless, that album is timeless, so stop wasting time and cop that if you are just catching wind of it.

One Be Lo also has a reworking of another track which I will share in the course of the next few day. There’s no need to over due it though. Pace ourselves….

One Be Lo – Laborhood Part 2 (2011)

Artist: One Be Lo

Album: Laborhood Vol. 2

Source: Bandcamp


01. Laborhood 2 Intro
02. Clap feat. RoSpit, T Calmese & Elzhi
03. Chemistry feat. Grynch
04. Panthers feat. JYoung The General, Mae Day & J.A.E.
05. Combat feat. Verbal Kent
06. E.T. Remix
07. Lettin’ Go feat. So Realistic
08. Hooliganry feat. Catch Lungs
09. The Medicine feat. The Planets
10. U Minor, We Major feat. Varsity Squad
11. Weapons feat. Apokalypse, Proof, Ron Dada & Miz Korona
12. Freakin Flo’s feat. Decompoze
13. Thoughts Take Flight feat. Senim Silla & O Type Star
14. All In feat. El Da Sensei
15. Wash Away feat. Lon Won
16. Up All Nite feat. Phatboy Chef


We are only about three days away from One Be Lo’s next official release, L.A.B.O.R.  I already detailed Vol. 1 a couple of weeks ago and this grouping of One Be Lo’s previous works is equally as dope.   When you hear both of these volumes, it gives the listener a true appreciation of how gifted One Be Lo really is.  I really dig the whole thing but I remember when I first heard the joint Chemistry that he did with Grynch and Combat with Verbal Kent.  Those tracks really resonate with me and both outstanding examples of lyricism.

Again, Laborhood Vol. 2 is only $3 and it would be a damn shame if you didn’t own both volumes.  You are getting a grip of dope tracks for less than the cost of one album.  I could do a whole write up on the tracks you hear on this release but I am going to hold off until L.A.B.O.R. drops this coming Tuesday, September 6th.   Be sure you pick that up when the time comes!

Update:  The Laborhood releases are free!  Free up until Sept. 6th and his other releases are only $1.00! Pick them all up!

One Be Lo – Laborhood Part 1 (2011)

Artist: One Be Lo

Album:  Laborhood Vol 1

Source: Bandcamp


1. Laborhood Welcome
2. Bassline (Feat. T Calmese, Kodac & RoSpit) (Prod. Zhao)
3. Break Of Dawn (Feat. Deep Rooted) (Prod. Mr. Brady)
4. Lettin You Know (Feat. AZTexts) (Prod. Dub Sonata)
5. Detroit Riots (Feat. Fat Ray, RoSpit, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marvwon, Buff 1 & FattFather) (Prod. Black Milk)
6. Alphabet Soup Remix (Prod. 14KT)
7. Learn (Feat. Longshot & Ka Di) (Prod. K. Kruz)
8. Take It There (Feat. Black Milk) (Prod. Black Milk)
9. Must Be The Way (Feat. Buff 1 & Jackson Perry) (Prod. Forecast)
10. Fly Like Wings (Feat. Futuristic) (Prod. WideTrax)
11. Lap 2 (Feat. Decompoze) (Prod. Decompoze)
12. Tweeny One (Feat. Stik Figa, Richard Wright, Lou Rip, You, Les Izmore, Ubi & Dominique Larue) (Prod. DWill)
13. We Over Here (Feat. RoSpit, Decompoze, Magestik Legend & T Calmese) (Prod. RoSpit)
14. You Think You Know (Feat. Moe Dirdee) (Prod. Chanes)
15. Smash (Prod. Miles Bonny)


This isn’t an official album.  But it is officially from One Be Lo and it would be a crime to not even mention this release on HHD. This is the prelude to the release of his album, L.A.B.O.R. I believe these are older or unreleased tracks from the Michigan artist.  For the most part they are all banging and high quality.  It is just a  taste of what this elite emcee can do when given a microphone.  I am admittedly a huge fan of his and have been such since the Binary Star projects released earlier last decade.  Some artists simply have a way with words.

Now this mixtape isn’t exactly free.  It’s coming in a $3.  Now if you can’t afford three dollars to support a dope hip hop artist then I want you to “unbookmark” my site and “unfollow” me on twitter because we just can’t be acquainted.  With that being said you can stream the whole album below and click the Bandcamp link above to purchase.

Zumbi and The ARE: The Burnerz

Artist: Zumbi & The ARE

Album: The Burnerz

Production: The ARE

Guests: One Be Lo, The Grouch, Martin Luther

Best Tracks: Changes, Jus Anotha Day, Off The Wall, Old Soul

Recommendation: Must Have

Notes:  Zumbi (from Zion I) and The ARE have teamed up to create The Burnerz for their initial album release.  This album, for me, was really an after thought initially.  October 12th was a very busy day for new music to drop, however I gave the iTunes snippets a listen and proceeded to make it one of my many purchases.

After a few listens, I came to this conclusion: The album is insanely good.  Production wise I can not pay it a higher compliment by saying I like it better than The Search For Stoney Jackson .  That is saying a lot considering how solid Madlib’s work was on the aforementioned Strong Arm Steady project.

The ARE’s production is superlative.  The beats and samples the man cooked up for this project are musical genius.  It’s funky.  It’s moving.  It’s intricate.  The sample placement throughout is on point and really kept me engrossed.

The whole production of the album really suits Zumbi.  This is his pace.  The album is action packed and it never slows down.  It simply sends you deeper into it’s sound as it progresses.  The guest list, while short, is powerful.  One Be Lo shows why he is one of the best in the game on his verse on Off The Wall and The Grouch builds off the chemistry he had with Zion I from their previous collaborative effort on Heroes In The City Of Dope.

The energy from the album is simply contagious.  The choruses become anthems and you have no choice but to rhyme along at some points.   For instance on the track, Jus Anotha Day, the music feels as though you are in a medieval court with the harpsichord loop rolling over some boom-bap drums.  Zumbi then takes that track and makes it infectious with his lyrical ability and catchy chorus.   Equally as intoxicating for the listener is The Edge.  The soulful hook and thought provoking lyrics have this joint on repeat.  Then when you are ready to proceed through the album, the track, Off The Wall hits you.  It’s an uptempo jam that incorporates diverse synth that is certain to have necks snapping and hands in the air.   It’s three tracks that are completely different but all so very dope.

This album is chocked full of great music and you will regret it if you don’t add this to your collection.  Simple and plain.