Swinn Da Example – Get It Right (Video)

Dee Metto put me on to this artist he had done some production for, Swinn Da Example.   I had never heard of him previously, so I didn’t know what to expect, but Metto’s cosign was all I needed to give it a chance.  I started off by listening to his mixtape, Off Da Back Burnah.    After the first few cuts from the album, I heard Swinn intermingling theology in his rhymes, which really accentuated his skills.  It was intelligent design.   But past track three of the mixtape I began to realize that this man was a devout Christian in addition to being an ill spitter.  I was impressed.  The man is convicted and has a powerful message to deliver which he does with exceptional skill over some boom bap beats.   This track is all about getting right in this life and ready for the next.  You need to do the most you can with your time here and stop slipping into your sinful ways.  I, as a delinquent Christian, was pretty moved by the project.  I think you should keep your minds open.