Of Mice And Musicians – Bottles & Bones (2012)

Artist: Of Mice And Musicians

Album: Bottles and Bones

Source: Artist

Track listing:

  1. Living Right
  2. Magic Johnson Swanson
  3. Black Key
  4. Sorry My Mom Called
  5. Chicken Legs And Deviled Eggs
  6. Faces
  7. Raw Shack
  8. Don’t Hate
  9. No Pen When I Write
  10. Logic and the Lion
  11. Sound of Falling Down
  12. Hello, Father
  13. Ain’t Done Yet


I became familiar with Benjamin Miles when he hit me off with his collaborative release with Eddie Logix last year, Play It Forward. I was really impressed with his skill and his sincerity. I felt a lot of emotion and introspection in his lyrics.

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