DNA – Boss50 (Video)

M-Dot put me onto this visual showcase of talent from Boston. I really enjoyed the concept of someone putting their entire city on and showcasing the diversity of talent that’s involved. I can’t really say that there were any weak bars. Obviously when you have so many eclectic styles, some you will prefer, and others you may not. But overall I think this was pretty vicious and extremely well done. Shout to DNA for putting all of these artists on and making is super dope. It definitely put me on to some new names.

Oak Lonetree – Spiffy (Video)

Here’s an interesting track from Oak Lonetree. Spiffy sounds like one of this bare-bones jazz joints but with superlative lyricism. The production is actually handled by Mister Jason which really makes sense when considering it’s uniqueness. I am really feeling what they did here. It’s different and in a good way. It’s also pretty addictive. I am not sure if I’ve heard something in this vein before. Really solid work. In this day and age it becomes harder and harder to innovate.

I have on my radar to check out Lonetree’s new album, Bully Mammoth, which just dropped yesterday. I hope it’s as illy as this single.