Cambatta x Apollo Brown – Nightmares (Video)

Cambatta & Apollo Brown – Nightmare (Video)

Good lord! Wow. This shit is dark and nasty. Extremely crazy on all levels to be sure. Cambatta has a raw, unique, and commanding flow about him. The way his mind unravels into his poetry is something to behold and when given the visual element here, I think it gives yet more texture. And to be honest, I would not have been able to call this as an Apollo Brown beat. Which makes it all the more amazing. This is a stand out track for 2020.

Single You Out: Armageddon – Nightmares (Shawneci)

“1000 spiders,voodoo chants, choppers, and Salvador Dali on a Molly”….What do any of these seemingly randon things have to do with eachother. Nothing really, but Terror Squad Alumni Armageddon has married these oddities together to create something diabolical for the fans. Geddy releases his latest track, ‘Nightmares’.

The song threatens to take you into the deepest recesses of Geddy’s mind to explore his brooding perception of today’s Hip Hop that will leave you there with foreboding visages of blood stained pavements and things that lurk in the shadows. The eerie production from Shawneci serves as a guide through those dark passage ways we seldom want to wander while our emcee litters the track with sinister but truly exceptional wordplay.”