Single You Out: Pay$o – Love Of The Game (prod. by Nicholas Craven)


I was a little incredulous by the cover, but hey, Nicholas Craven produced the project, Ralph Wears Jordan, so I was going to give it a shot.   I am glad I did because it’s a dope EP.  Pay$o has a nice flow about him and enjoyed listening to him over these Craven beats that do not disappoint.   Love Of The Game is my favorite track from the project.  I hope you are feeling it too.

Falconcrest – Woody Woodpecker (ft. Wyze Wonda) (Video)

New video from Falconcrest’s last album, Something Different.  The beat from Nicholas Craven is perfect for the narration of stories and perspective from the tandem, and colleague, Wyze Wonda.   It’s just a powerful story that’s made even moreso with the photographs and visual perspectives.

Shout out to this powerful artistic endeavor.