Apollo Brown – 365 (feat. Ro Spit, NameTag, Ty Farris) (Video)

365 is given the visual testament as a tribute to Apollo Brown’s project, Sincerely, Detroit.   Here you have that vintage Apollo Brown sound incorporated around wordsmiths, Ro Spit, NameTag, and Ty Farris.  And I find myself really focused on Farris’ sixteen as his cadence really keeps you on the hook here.

Make sure you have this project in your collection!

Nametag + Nameless – Hookless (ft. MAHD) (Video)

This right here my friends is what they call “the jam”.  Nametag and Nameless are cooking up something delicious in the proverbial kitchen.  The beat by Nameless is without blemish.  Really tight board work as Nametag and guest, MAHD apply the pressure with tight lines and wordplay.  You will undoubtedly dig this….

The collaborative album, For Namesake, will be available on April 16th.