Single You Out: Planet Asia & Snowgoons – Metabolism (ft. Flash (N.B.S.)

Planet Asia and The Snowgoons have an album dropping? This is the second single? Well, hell yes! Great combination. One of the best emcees to ever do it teaming up with one of the most influential production units of their time! Metabolism is more of a downtempo joint that allows the listener to focus on the wordplay of guest emcee, Flash (N.B.S.) and PA Medallions. Dope material as to be expected, and excited to see what these legends concoct by way of an album.

N.B.S. – Hunh (Video)

N.B.S. Is back with a recently released album, Swiss Vets 3. And if you’ve been following them over the last couple of decades know that you are going to get strong lyrical contact over boom gap production, in this case, that’s brought to you by DJ Tray.

The song just knocks with the emcees complimenting styles and that head nod effect. Also not to be lost in the mix is those scratches. It makes this joint hit hard,

Definitely check out the teams’ latest installment. I’ve got it on deck to listen to this project in it’s entirety this weekend,

N.B.S. – Til’ The World Ends (ft. Reks) (produced by Alkota) (Video)

N.B.S. takes it from the salon back into the streets and  then proceeds to sever heads over a hard Alkota produced rhythm, with an assist from R-E-K-S.   This joint will instantly be added to my rotation.  It just knocks.  I just copped their new album, The Smokefest, earlier today.  I haven’t listened to it yet, but there’s no doubt that the albums going to be filled with bangers.