N.B.S. – Where They At (ft. Onyx) (Video)

Where They At is the Onyx featured track on N.B.S.’ new album, SwissVets2.  This is a great natural pairing as both groups have a raw flavor about them.  I copped the album on the strength of the duos strong discography but have yet to hear it in it’s entirety.

This track is subtle when it comes to the production but all ruggedness when it comes to these bars!  Fury!

N.B.S. – Til’ The World Ends (ft. Reks) (produced by Alkota) (Video)

N.B.S. takes it from the salon back into the streets and  then proceeds to sever heads over a hard Alkota produced rhythm, with an assist from R-E-K-S.   This joint will instantly be added to my rotation.  It just knocks.  I just copped their new album, The Smokefest, earlier today.  I haven’t listened to it yet, but there’s no doubt that the albums going to be filled with bangers.

N.B.S. – Perm Time (Prod by Snowgoons) (Video)

It seems like N.B.S. just released their album, The Dispensary, yesterday.  But I guess it’s been close to a year since that release, Now they are back again with new material from a new album, The Smokefest.  On this track, the fellas prove great multitaskers dropping hot bars over Snowgoons production, and and getting some haircuts.    There’s nothing wrong with that!