Jus Daze – Walk Twice As Hard (2013)


Artist: Jus Daze

Album: Walk Twice As Hard


1. Walk Twice As Hard (Prologue)
2. First Step
3. Here For A Reason
5. Bob (Interlude)
6. Same Struggle
7. Comfort The Comforters
8. 365 Daze Love Letters
9. Superman’s Dead
10. Zombie
11. Fallen Star
12. To Die For
13. Know I Would (ft. Lenore)
14. Andy Dufresne (Ambition)
15. I Made It (ft. MVP & Devo)
16. Whatever Happens Happens
17. Reflection


What first drew me to Jus Daze was not his victories on the battle circuit. It wasn’t an appearance on a late night talk show. Nor was it because he was the “bow legged bandit”.   I rarely even look at the attached pictures of emcees that are sent in submissions.   I listen to Jus Daze’s music because he is relate-able to his audience and I connect with his lyricism, his stories, and his message.  It’s intelligent and tangible music.

Walk Twice As Hard is loaded with powerful lines and stories but it also lends itself to shear artistry.   We have talked about the track Superman Is Dead previously but I can’t discuss the album without revisiting this song. It’s a track that puts a more mortal twist on the supernatural story of Superman and the characters associated with him.   It’s a story of love, jealousy, and betrayal.   It’s an extremely creative track.  I am really not sure how the writing process develops for a song like this.  When listening to a track of this nature, it begs the question: What other tales and concepts lie in the confines of the mind of Jus Daze?

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Single You Out: Jus Daze – I Made It (ft. MVP and Devo D)



Now this usually ain’t my steez.  It’s a little too uptempo and optimistic and I am just not that kind of guy.   But the song is too well put together not to share it.  The chorus by Devo D really completes the cut in between sixteens from Jus Daze and MVP (from WWE fame, who knew?).  It’s the type of joint that definitely could rock a club and steal some commercial success. I Made It, is just the tip of the iceberg from the Walk Twice As Hard album.  One of the things I like about Jus Daze is that he is one of the more substantive emcees I feature here.  He’s always dropping material that gets you thinking and while  I Made It is not exactly in that lane, make sure you give the album a deserved listen.