Skrewtape – Jazz Cigarettes (ft. Mr. Green)

Skrewtape is an artist that definitely deserves more exposure and recognition.  He has a grimy and gritty sound that plays perfect over this Mr. Green production.   I’ve been a fan of his ever since the promotion started for his debut LP, Skumbag Millionaires.

I don’t know if this song has a home yet, but Skrewtape does have a new album out called No Filter which I was unaware of and will be copping shortly.

Burke The Jurke – Pleasant Torment (Video)

This song must’ve been too hard for most blogs to post on.  I honestly can’t believe it hasn’t garnered more attention.  Mr. Green has banging keys on this joint, and Burke The Jurke leaves no bar untouched.  A real sick flow on this track.  I hate to use cliches but what the hell…this joint goes hard.

He has an album dropping called, Ear Responsible with no release date as of right now.  I will be looking for it though.

Single You Out: SKREWTAPE (ft. Tame One x Nems) – Like That (Mr. Green)


Drop this album, already!  C’mon SKREWTAPE!  I have enjoyed single after single off of Skumbag Millionaire and I am ready to hear the full length.  This is just another banger, this time laced by none other than Mr. Green.  This time Tame One and Nems FYL help keep the party moving by making heads roll.  Good play off verses on this one…



Single You Out: Brown Bag All Stars – Crumbling Down

What’s up with the Brown Bag Allstars, you say?  So much that it’s hard for your humble hip-hop blogger/fan to keep up with.   Everyone’s got side projects going on, whether they have just recently been released or to be released.  I am thinking of putting out a monthly column entitled “What’s Going On With The Brown Bag?”  Well, for this moment, J57 has released this single entitled Crumbling Down.  The joint is produced by Mr. Green.  It’s definitely a more sobering joint but fresh nonetheless.  The skills in this crew are really second to none right now.  Be on the lookout for a double disc project of rare and unreleased material dropping on May 17th.