Single You Out: Matlock – Follow Me


I’ve always enjoyed Matlock’s unique sound.  His energy and delivery are all together different than what other artists bring to the table.  His new track, Follow Me, has a psychedelic vibe to it which correlates to the Jim Jones cover art.   HIs references to other hip hop artists are well placed humor as well.  So I raise my glass of Kool Aid to you all!


Matlock – Brand New Nikes (Video)

I am a little slow on the uptake. I bought Matock’s album, 2707 about two weeks ago.  I really liked it.  I  think it’s his best work to date and as I was perusing the web last night, this video popped up.  It’s from late 2010 but I still think it’s worth the look.  You can see this Chicago emcee has a lot of talent and really takes no shorts with his aggressive rhyme style.   He has not pulled any punches in his career and this album is no different.  Congrats to Matlock on his fine effort!  You can click the appropriate links to visit his Twitter and purchase the album via Itunes.